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Remembering Ted Ward

Carol Dettoni
May 25, 2016


Dr. Ted W. Ward

Why did such a notable and outstanding leader such as Ted take time, along with his gifted wife, Margaret, to be on the Board of a small, Christian organization like Chrysalis Ministries, Inc. for over 24 years?  We were blessed, indeed.

Ted cared about people, relationships, and helping develop those of us in leadership positions to think outside of the proverbial box.  He challenged us to think big and bold, and in new paradigms.  He taught us to attempt things for the Kingdom of God that were well-thought-through, theologically and biblically correct, were developmentally sound, and related practically to the lives of those with whom we related, at all levels.  He was a change agent extraordinaire. (He was also a musician “extraordinaire”!) He challenged us to change the systems of parochial thinking to be fresh and contemporary and above all, true to our faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  

Ted's cross-cultural sensitivities were sharp and focused, and his love for people and love of life and adventure were contagious.  Seeing something through his eyes was like opening up new doors to colorful vistas!  He loved to tell stories of his adventures and they were indeed compelling.  (His "lost my-passport-in-Brazil" is a favorite story in the Dettoni house, particularly when told by "Uncle Ted"!)

Ted contributed helps and suggestions and life lessons to hundreds and thousands of lives . . . and he was beloved by those people in the Chrysalis Ministries sphere of influence.  Words that were shared 20 years ago with many Chrysalis Institute Participants are still quoted today.  "Remember, Ted Ward said . . .  " is a common conversation opener and “clarifier”.

Ted was humble, yet confident.  He would not allow people to call him “Dr.” – “Just Ted”!  He loved his family – his 4 sons and one daughter, and all of his grandchildren.  The many times we had meals together or spent time together, we heard glowing reviews of recent accomplishments.  Ted never gave up, and although he struggled with many serious health issues for a number of years, he pushed through with the loving care from Margaret, and he was a role model for serving the Lord no matter what.

Ted and Margaret together faithfully served on the Chrysalis Ministries Founding Board of Directors for over 20 years, and they are beloved by those who have known them as a vital part of the ministry.  Ted's wisdom, guidance and loving support in all ways has made the ministry a vital part of the work of the Kingdom of God.  He was a dearly beloved friend, mentor, colleague, and confidante.  He and Margaret and their children have been a part of our lives since 1970, and we are the richer for this blessing from God.

We miss Ted, but know his life continues on through the people whom he touched and taught.  A special repository of Ted’s many writings and contributions is being completed by colleagues, and we will post this when it is available.

Many of you reading this Blog are a part of Ted's Legacy of leadership development.  May we all remain faithful to our calling to serve God. We can all thank God together for bringing Dr. Ted Ward into our lives!

Do watch the following video clip of John's words at Ted' Memorial Service.

Stephen Ward, one of Ted and Margaret's sons, has put together a beautiful video you will enjoy.

So thankful for those special friends that God gives us.  Ted (and Margaret) will always be a part of our lives.