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Leadership Development via Social Media?

Carol Dettoni
June 27, 2016

Carol and I have been involved in some kind of leadership development most of our lives. As a senior at Wheaton College I was asked to provide leadership development for all incoming student leaders, including new student council officers and other student leaders at the college.  Even in high school Carol and I were involved in helping others to be effective leaders.  Yes, we learned early in our lives the critical importance of leadership development, and things have not changed since those days.

I must confess that neither Carol nor I see social media and the use of Blogs, Facebook and Twitter as the best interpersonal means of helping younger leaders to be effective leaders.  

Both Jesus and the Apostles helped to develop leaders by being with them and interacting with them over time.

Jesus took his followers on a “Three year hiking/camping trip” and taught them by both direct teaching, by having them watch him, by telling them parables and by sending them out to fulfill His calling to announce the Kingdom of God.

The Apostles, particularly Paul, went throughout Asia evangelizing and teaching about a relationship with God through Christ.  He wrote epistles after he was with those who now were by the power of the Holy Spirit, "called together ones" (churches) and he visited them several times.  Given transportation modes in the First Century, one marvels at Paul’s stamina to travel by land and sea to visit the churches in his part of the world.  (We’ve traveled almost 2 million miles since Chrysalis began in 1992—it’s tiring, for sure!)

In God’s Providential Wisdom, Chrysalis has to stop using interpersonal means to continue to accomplish the Mission of Chrysalis Ministries for a short time—we must stop traveling such as the Apostle Paul did, until we are in a better financial position.

We do appreciate hearing from you via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and email!   Or stop by and visit us!

There is plenty to do with launching and providing the Legacy Project (providing Resource materials online on the website, Twitter and Facebook, and this interactive Blog).  Because Carol and I are relational teachers and leaders, and are not digitally-oriented people, we are slowly adapting to this way of leadership development for now.  We hope to continue to fulfill, albeit somewhat differently, the calling the Lord has placed on us.  Until we are out of financial debt!  We trust that we will once again be able to travel in 2017!

In the meantime . . . we value your input – and want to stay connected! We hope that the Resources on the Chrysalis Web Site – the Chrysalis Legacy Project—will be helpful for you.

Developing leaders and teachers for a rapidly changing world! (—trending social media!!)