Chrysalis Ministries, Inc. Exists To

Equip, empower, and encourage existing and emerging Christian leaders and teachers, throughout the rapidly changing world, to become more effective in their various God-given ministries.


This mission is accomplished by teaching, mentoring, consulting, speaking, writing and producing the appropriate materials.

About our Founders

Founded in 1992 by Dr. John and Carol Dettoni, Chrysalis Ministries, Inc. is a group of Christian leaders from around the globe who are committed to the continual development of Christ-like leadership in the Church, in the marketplace, and in universities and colleges.


Dr. John Dettoni is an ordained pastor, Christian Education and Organizational Development consultant, and has formerly served as both Professor and Administrator in seminary.ᅠ Carol is a writer, a Christian Education specialist, and a former editor of magazines and books.ᅠ They have a combined 150 years of leadership and ministry experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Chrysalis Ministries exist?

Chrysalis Ministries exists to equip, empower, and encourage Christian leaders and teachers throughout our rapidly changing world, with the aim of helping them become more effective in their God-given ministries.


When did Chrysalis Ministries begin?

Chrysalis Ministries was founded in 1992, as a response to the growing need for servant leadership development in the post-Soviet nations of Eastern Europe. Since then we have established ministries in Africa, Haiti, Southeast Asia and Central Europe.


Who is Chrysalis Ministries?

Dr. John Dettoni (an ordained former pastor, Christian educator, organizational development consultant, and seminary professor and administrator), along with his wife, Carol Dettoni (a former magazine and book editor, writer and Christian Education specialist) began Chrysalis in 1992 when invited by a Polish medical doctor to “Please come and help us!” In addition to founders John and Carol Dettoni, Chrysalis consists of an unpaid CFO/Treasurer and part-time secretary, and a paid, part-time administrative assistant. Chrysalis is overseen by a board of directors.


In what countries do you serve?

We have served in Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, and Ukraine. We go where we are invited, if the invitation fits our Mission, and if no one locally is qualified to do the work.


Whom do you serve and why?

We travel to various parts of the world to teach people in positions of leadership what it means to be a Christian leader, not just a leader who is a Christian. We focus primarily on younger “leaders of leaders” in Christian ministry, business, and universities, many of whom have had little or no opportunities to develop as effective leaders.


What kinds of things do you do?

Building relationships over time is critical to Chrysalis Ministries. We teach, speak, mentor, consult. We do not try to do things that local people are already doing. We build relationships by returning again and again, to encourage and help younger leaders build the Church through their ministries as church staff and Christians in the marketplace.


Do you charge or receive any money for what you do?

We do not charge anything and we ask for nothing. Like the Apostles in the Bible, we give what has been given to us: Freely we have received and freely we give.


What kind of support do you need in order to continue Chrysalis Ministries, Inc.?

We are always thankful for financial support because with it comes the extremely important prayer support. The Lord, through his faithful people, has supplied our financial needs every year.